Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You know your a Cloth Diapering Mom When......

You know your a cloth diapering mom when:

You match your baby's diapers to their outfit.

You feel sorry for babies that wear sposies.

You sell stuff on eBay in order to buy more cloth diapers.

You spend ungodly amounts of time online entering contests for a chance to win more cloth diapers.

You look forward to doing laundry (well, at least the diaper laundry).

You never have a full fledged up the back blowout. 

You know what AIO, AI2, flat, fitted, PUL, soaker, pocket, WHAM, Aplix, fluff, CD, delamination, DSQ, wet bag, double gusset, Longies, shorties, OBF, OBV, prefold, trifold, wing droop, lanolizing, Snappie, Boingos, stash, TTO, GSE all mean. And so does your DH. 

You look forward to diaper changes. 

You find yourself staring dreamily at your clean, organized stash which is, of course, on display for all to see in your kids room. 

You use cloth wipes, homemade wipe solution, DIY fleece liners, and make your own CD safe detergent. 

You have CD key chains on your diaper bag in hopes of sparking a conversation with another CD mom or converting a sposie user. 

You run out and buy a new gender specific diaper the second you find out its a girl/boy. 

You consider having another baby just to CD again.

You fear potty learning because it means no more CDing. 

You have special diapers that your baby wears when "going out". Albert or Lovelace anyone?

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  1. we definitely have 'going out' diapers

  2. Love it!! "You consider having another baby just to CD again." LOL!!