Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

We have been cloth diapering my 19 month old son sine he was 6 months old and I believe we have a pretty good handle on it. With the arrival of our daughter next week, we will be delving into cloth diapering a newborn for the first time! I think we have a pretty good variety of diapers for her. Take a look for yourself.

    24 Grovia size 2 infant (fits 7-15 lbs) bamboo and organic cotton prefolds 

    2 Bummis newborn wraps

    1 Cot N' Wrap 

    2 Nicki's covers

    3 Flip covers

    3 Thirsties newborn covers

    1 Imagine cover

    1 Smart Bottoms cover

    2 Bummis Super Whisper wraps

    2 Thirsties size one covers 

    1 Batik Bums Wool shorties

    1 WAHM wool shortie

    1 Flour Sack Towel

    1 pair of French Longies

    1 WAHM AIO bunny print

    3 Thirsties Fab Fitteds

    1 Sustainablebabyish fitted

    1 Kissaluvs fitted 

    3 Ragababes 1 two step, 1 size 0, 1 size one

    3 Charlie Banana XS

    4 Charlie Banana OS

    2 bumGenius size small

    1 Soft Bums Echo

    1 Grovia NB AIO

    4 bumGenius OS 4.0

    2 Thirsties AIO

    What do you have in your newborn stash? I would love to see!



  1. What a beautiful collection! The French longies and wool shorties especially caught my eye just because they are so unique and look really cozy, especially with the winter weather that will be coming. Congrats, mama!!

  2. Thank you! We are very excited to cd a newborn, and we can't wait to meet her, two more days!