Monday, July 22, 2013

Lifeway Keifer from Influenster! UPDATE

I recently received a coupon from Influenster  to purchase any Lifeway Keifer product of my choosing! 

I was super excited to get this coupon as I had been really wanting to try Keifer for its health benefits but I was too chicken. I was afraid that it would taste bad or creep me out. Boy, I sure am glad I tried Lifeway, it is soooo good! I bought the strawberry flavor and I love it. It's like a little treat for breakfast or between meals. 

The probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy digestive system and keep immunities high, especially when taking antibiotics which can kill healthy bacteria in your system. I would love to try some of Lifeway's frozen Keifer but I have yet to find it locally. Visit Lifeway's website to find a store near you! 
Thank you Lifeway Keifer and Influenster!

Update!  I was able to find Lifeway Frozen Keifer Squueze Snacks at my local health food store Harvest Health! I bought the Strawnana Split flavor, and we love it! They are gluten free, 99% lactose free, and have NO rBST or rBGH! They are a fantastic healthy alternative to ice cream! 

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