Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay Dry Micro Fleece Cloth Diaper Liners- Make Your Own!

Sure, you can buy micro fleece stay dry liners for cloth diapering, but they will cost you upwards of $1 per liner! I choose to make my own because they are cuter and cost less!

First you will need to procure some micro fleece of your choice, easy enough. I prewash the fabric to help accommodate for any shrinking. Next, measure out the size you would like to make the liners and mark the fabric. I like to make mine 12"x 5.5". I bought a half of a yard (60"x18").

Next, go ahead and cut the fabric! I was able to get 15 liners from this cut of fabric. I paid $3.50 for the fabric, making the liners $ .23 a piece!

Go ahead and lay the liner in your diapers as you prep them and you are ready to enjoy a happy dry baby! This also makes it possible to use non cloth diaper safe cream if needed on occasion. I consider the liners a MUST when it comes to clean up and disposal of solids. Not only do the solids roll easily off the liner, they keep your precious diapers stain free. We always use liners and we have NO STAINS on any of our diapers!

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  1. You can buy micro fleece at any Fields or Joanne Fabrics or Walmart, Etc.