Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Day to Enter! Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition Blanket Giveaway and Review

Welcome to my review and giveaway for Sleeping Baby's Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition Blanket! We received a Zippadee free in exchange for an honest review. We were sent the cutest Zipadee by the company in a pretty pink heart print! It is very soft and very cuddly!
Isn't it so cute! And did I mention how SOFT it is? The Zippadee was designed to help transition your baby off the swaddle. Anyone who has been through this before knows how tough that can be on baby and parents. The Zippadee allows the baby to feel secure and safe, just as they did in the womb. The edges of the blanket are meant to simulate the edges of the womb, snug and secure. The baby is used to this feeling and that is why swaddling works so well in the early months. But swaddling can become dangerous once the baby begins to show signs of rolling over in bed or begins breaking out of the swaddle. The Zipadee also provides a safe swaddle transition alternative to blankets, similar to a sleep sack, however it allows the baby to keep her hands inside the blanket, warm and safe. 
The Zipadee also has many other uses as mentioned on the Sleepingbaby website:

1. Sleep – Aids swaddle transition and teaches self-soothing skills!
2. Travel – Encourages sleep and settling on long car or plane rides!
3. Dr. Office Visits – Eliminates tedious clothing changes!
4. Grocery Visits and Plane Rides – Provides a GERM FREE environment!
5. Breastfeeding – Prevents a baby from scratching themselves and momma!
6. Stroller walks or walks/rides in a sling or baby carrier – can be worn while buckled or strapped in!
7. MORE SLEEP! Aids transition to crib off of a swing, or rock and play sleeper and helps sick little ones get rest when they wouldn’t otherwise!

You can also see videos of the Zipadee in action here:

And here:


So here is my little princess, baby E, getting ready to try out her Zippadee! She is 5 months old here. She is of average size.

We received a medium Zippadee, but I would recommend getting a size small. The medium is a bit big for her for now to sleep overnight in. But I LOVE using it to nurse her in during the day and for naps! If you have ever nursed a wolverine piranha before you will understand! She can still move about so she isn't mad but she cannot scratch me to a bloody pulp anymore! And did I mention it's so cuddly and soft?! UPDATE! I have been using the Zippy for Naptime and it is Amazing! Within two minutes of putting her in the Zippy, she is fast asleep! No more fighting to get her to nap! The Zippy is a sanity saver and I highly recommend it. Now at six months, the medium size fits DD nicely. She is long and skinny for her age though. SECOND UPDATE: I am currently enjoying a third night of baby E going to sleep in her own room, in her big girl crib! No more sharing a room with mommy and daddy! The Zippy is truly a must have for every baby, we absolutely LOVE THE ZIPPY! <3

And here she is zipped in:
She loves it! 

Zipadee is offering a discount code of $2 on their swaddle transition blankets using code SLEEP at checkout. You can also Like Sleeping Baby on Facebook to enter their monthly giveaway! And you can also enter to win a Zipadee-Zip from Sleepingbaby.com below! One winner will receive a Zippy of their choice from Sleepingbaby.com! 



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