Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grovia Bamboo Prefolds

Let me first say that these prefolds are so soft! They are much softer than any other prefold I have touched. They are 55% bamboo and 45% unbleached organic cotton. I ordered size two with the baby blue edging thinking these would fit my 9 month old 22 pound son. Way too small! So beware, they shrink a lot! The prefolds started out measuring 14"x15.5". After prepping they measure 12"x13".

While they are too small for my little man to wear with pins or a Snappie, they fit very nicely in a cover with a newspaper fold.

These Grovia Bamboo prefolds are very absorbent tri-folded and also work great inside a pocket diaper as an insert. My photos show it folded inside a fully unsnapped one size Blueberry cover (amazing cover btw) in the giraffe print and also inside a blue Bummis Super Lite cover in a size medium.

I am so happy that these work for us tri folded! I would be so heartbroken if they didn't! They are a bit pricy-I think I paid $4 a piece for them. I had won a gift card to from the EcoSprout Twitter party so that really helped!

Overall, I recommend these and would buy them again. Spoil your baby's bottom with softness and treat yourself to a pack!

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