Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vitamin D drops for baby

Most doctors recommend that breast feeding mothers supplement their baby with vitamin D drops, as ours did. Without doing any research I bought what I thought was a good drop for my son, Enfamil Poly Vi Sol. This is a multi vitamin drop. My husband took one look at the ingredients and said "I don't think so."

After doing some research we decided to visit our local health food store Harvest Health. We ended up buying Jarrow brand vitamin D drops. These drops are fantastic! They have no extra ingredients and it only takes one drop a day. My son can't even tell he is taking it! The Enfamil drops were awful all around. The daily dosage is a full dropper of artificial colored and flavored liquid. It always made a huge mess and stained my sons clothing, plus it tasted horrible and he always refused it. Save yourself the hassle and get the pure, clear, nonstaining, great tasting vitamin D drops!

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